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Wholesale Stock Heat Transfers Online

Art Brands is the world’s best manufacturer of wholesale ready to apply stock heat transfers. We have over two thousand ready-made screen-printed stock heat transfer designs in stock and ready to ship. Each of our stock transfer designs has a minimum inventory quantity of one hundred dozen. We have wholesale stock heat transfer for everyone – from the hobbyist or crafters who works from home to retail T-shirt shops, traditional screen printers, wholesale garment decorators, Ad specialty companies and more, who require larger orders of heat transfers for use on hundreds of fabric items.

With over 40 years of experience in the stock heat transfer printing industry, you can be assured that Art Brands has the best quality, service, and the best prices on wholesale stock heat transfer designs in the world.

Every time you place a stock heat transfer order with Art Brands, you will experience the innovation, excellence, and exclusivity that we bring to the table. We pride ourselves in offering innovative stock heat transfer designs for T-shirts and apparel. We are constantly adding new transfer designs to our ever-growing, world’s largest stock heat transfer line that currently consists of over one hundred design categories to choose from.

Over our many years of operation, Art Brands quickly became and remains the most trusted name in the garment decorating industry for providing innovative stock heat transfers thanks to our creative instincts, staying in tune with current events, groundbreaking printing techniques, our attention to detail, and our ability to screen print retail quality stock heat transfers for T-shirts and apparel.

Are you ready for a closer look at the world’s best selection of stock iron on transfers for shirts and apparel? It is easy to explore our transfer design categories and find the exact designs for that are perfect for your needs by logging on to our website:

If you are having application issues or have questions about ordering, shipping, or our designs, please contact us by phone, Toll Free: (877) 755-4278 or by email and a member of our Art Brands team will be in touch with you as soon as possible to assist you.

What are Stock Iron On Transfers for Shirts?

Art Brands stock iron on transfers are screen printed images that can be applied (transferred) onto T-shirts, garments, and fabrics with a professional or commercial grade heat press machine. Our stock iron on transfers are single or multi-colored images (designs) that have been screen printed in reverse (mirror image) on a special coated hot or cold peel heat transfer release paper. When you are ready to apply our stock heat transfer designs, place them ink side down against the shirt, garment, or fabric, then press and peel to see your print.

Heat transfer presses come in all shapes, sizes, types, and brands, ranging from the hobby size press that is perfect for home use to a 14” x 16”, or 15” x 15” press that is idea for a smaller work space or small shop all the way up to the commercial size 16” x 20” press and industrial sized heat press machines.

Art Brands stock heat transfer designs offer a cost effective and innovated alternative to other garment decorating methods like direct to garment (DTG) or traditional screen printing, especially for the small businesses and manufacturers who need to effortlessly and effectively use stock heat transfer designs to make finished products.

Our stock iron on heat transfers designs allows you to print as many as eight colors at one time, whereas traditional screen printing would require a very costly setup and time-consuming effort to achieve a similar look. Screen printed stock heat transfers designs is the fastest and easy way to decorate a T-shirt.

Art Brands Stock Heat Transfer for T-shirts and More

Art Brands is proud to offer a full array of the world’s best stock heat transfer designs for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for pre-made stock designs for a special event, or you want to use our ready to apply stock heat transfer designs on garments for your small business or use them as a large manufacturer, you can trust that you will always receive the highest quality of stock iron on transfers super-fast and ready press.

Our in-house art team carefully prepares all our stock art designs for printing and our production team delivers the highest quality screen printed heat transfers in transfer printing industry. All our stock heat transfer designs must pass rigorous inspection, application, and wash and wear test before they are made ready for sale. Should you ever come across a quality issue with your order, which we are happy to report is exceedingly rare, contact a member of our sales team at once.

No matter what type of art you are looking for, we have you covered with our trendsetting, up to date, continually growing stock heat transfer line. We work with a stable of some of the best artists in the world to bring you the highest quality original artwork that will spark sales. Great art will speak to you and to your customers as well. We maintain close relationships with talented artists and several licensing companies to continue offering different styles and genres of artwork to you – from wildlife, Liquid Blue, Steamboat Willie, Betty Boop, Dean Russo, The Three Stooges, pets, politician, pride, weed, seasonal designs, professions, Bigfoot, novelty designs and much more.

Our wholesale stock heat transfer designs are available in a range of transfer sizes and order quantities. Our order and pricing options, including financing, are suitable for most orders and customers – from Mom and Pops to small shops to larger manufacturers. For more information regarding our wholesale stock heat transfer designs or any questions you may have, please contact our team over the phone or by email.