Geo Knight Heat Presses

Geo Knight & Co Inc. has been manufacturing industrial heat press machinery and die-cutting equipment for well over a century. Originally established in 1885, Geo Knight has now specialized in offering heat transfer pressing equipment for more than four decades – specifically for commercial private and industrial use. They are based out of Brockton, Massachusetts, and ship their heat presses from their US location both nationally and worldwide.

Geo Knight is well known within the imprinting industry for their top-end heat press machinery. Here at Art Brands, we are proud to be able to offer a range of Geo Knight heat press machines for sale. From the Geo Knight digital combo multipurpose heat press to their air operated automatic heat presses, you will be able to find the Knight transfer heat press machine that suits your needs and budget. We always aim to provide our customers with access to the most innovative and high-quality products available, and that is what you will find in the George Knight line of heat pressing equipment.

Get Professional Quality Heat Press Machines with Geo Knight & Co

Geo Knight is known as a premier heat transfer press manufacturer within the imprinting industry. They specialize in a product line of commercial and industrial grade large format heat presses. They have worked to apply their decades of experience to manufacturing high-quality heat pressing equipment that can be trusted to get the heat transfer imprinting work you need done.

Whatever type of heat press you are looking for, there is a Geo Knight heat press machine that will fulfill your needs. They have heat presses that can imprint all types of items including T-shirts and other garments, hats, bags, mugs, plates, tiles, labels,advertising specialty itemsas well as large format heat presses that are used for printing on large items and textiles. Whether you are a hobbyist, T-shirt shop, Mom & Pop or a professional apparel decorator, Geo Knight’s line of heat press machines is recommended and a go-to-choice. No matter the application processes you have in mind, there is a Geo Knight heat press machine for you – from the specialty mug heat press to the jumbo swinger heat press.

Regardless of your budget Geo Knight has a heat press for you. You are guaranteed to find aGeo Knight heat press machine here at Art Brands. Financing is available for all manner of orders with Art Brands, and you can find out more by connecting with us online or contacting your sales representative. If you are looking for a specific Geo Knight heat press model or accessory that you do not see listed on our site, connect with the Art Brands team today. We will be able to order the Geo Knight accessories or model that you are in search of.

All Geo Knight heat press machines come with a warranty. It can vary from type to type, so you will want to check the details of the different heat press styles you are looking at. For example, Geo Knight clamshell style heat presses include lifetime technical support, a lifetime warranty on the heat platen, a five-year warranty on the frame, a three-year warranty on the controller and a one-year warranty on all parts.
If you have further questions about the warranties that come on Geo Knight heat press machines, be sure to contact our team today. You can submit a customer service request form online or contact us by phone.

Geo Knight offers a wide range of heat press styles. Their heat press styles include:

  • Swing-awayHeat Press Machines
  • Digital Combo Multipurpose Heat Press Machine
  • Clamshell HeatPresses
  • Automatic Heat Transfer Presses
  • Large Format Heat TransferPresses
  • Digital Mug Press
  • Accessories for heat presses like Drop Bottom Tables, Bottom Heat and Digital Pyrometer & Surface Probe
Here at Art Brands, we are proud to offer several Geo Knight heat press styles for you to choose from. We offer Geo Knight heat presses such as the clamshell style, the swing-away style, and the large format heat press style. If you have questions about any of the presses we have listed on our site, do not hesitate to contact our team online or over the phone.

The amount of pressure needed for a heat press machine will depend on the type of heat transfer you are applying.Each heattransfer typeor embellishment has specific heat pressing instructions.

There are 100’s of items you can decorate with one of Geo Knight heat press machines.Here’s our top 15 items:

  • T-shirts
  • Athletic apparel, Sportswear
  • Bags
  • Other clothing, Jackets, Uniforms
  • Infant wear
  • Promotional products
  • Mug and cups
  • Mouse pads
  • Can koozies
  • Pillowcases
  • Golf towels
  • Puzzle pieces
  • Coasters
  • Wood
  • Metal signs and more
The item list is endless. Art Brands will help you choose the exact Geo Knight heat press machinery you need to transfer press graphics or other embellishments onto a wide variety of materials.