Heat Presses

Professional Heat Press Machines

Are you looking for the right heat press machine? Look no further! Art Brands offers the largest selection of high-quality America Made heat presses manufactured by Hix Corporation, Geo Knight & Co. Inc., and Insta Graphics Systems. America Made heat transfer machines are the best in the world.

Choosing the right heat press for your business will depend on what products you’re going to decorate and sell – From Hobby heat presses that are for ideal for home crafters use or “on the go” production at flea markets, craft shows, fairs and special events to high volume commercial heat press machines that are used to apply heat transfers on T-shirts and other garments or industrial heat presses that are used to print on towels, blankets, pieces goods and other flat materials. We also offer several different types of specialty presses that can be used to apply transfers to other items such as tiles, cups, mugs, caps, hats, plates, plaques and more.

Art Brands only offers professional heat press machines from well-known trusted American heat press manufacturers in a variety of sizes, types, and configurations. Heat press machine types and their functions vary from brand to brand. Hix Corporation offer a range of heat press machines that include a large format flatbed heat press, semi-automatic clamshell heat presses, air automatic clam shell heat presses and a hobby lite press. Another brand such as Geo Knight & Co., Inc. offers a digital combo multipurpose swing-away heat press machine for t-shirts and more, Clamshell heat presses, automatic press machines, large format press for sublimation heat transfer printing, mug heat press and a wide selection of press accessories.
Insta Graphic Systems heat press machines are also made in the USA. Their revolutionary line of heat press includes a Dual shuttle heat press, an automatic swing away press and a heat press machine for application of labels and logos.

On the Art Brands website, artbrands.com, you will find the industry's best wide selection of hobby, commercial and industrial grade heat press machines. Below are the most popular types of heat transfer press machine that we offer:

  • Garment heat presses – clamshell, swing away, shuttle
  • Cap heat presses
  • Mug heat presses
  • Multipurpose gift heat presses
  • Bottom heat, heat presses
  • Large format heat presses

We also offer a variety of accessories that will compliment your heat press machine.

If you cannot find the specific model, type, or brand of heat press machine you are looking for on our website, artbrands.com, please reach out to our team online or on our Toll-Free number (877) 755-4278 and we will help you find the right heat press for your needs.
Whether you are a first-time heat transfer press buyer or a seasoned professional, the brand, type, size, and functionality of an America Made heat press machine plays a key role in your decision-making process. Your heat press requirements as a hobbyist, home business, small business, retail store, garment decorator or wholesale apparel fulfillment company will vary depending on present and future needs.

Professional Heat Press Machine Sizes

Heat press machine platen sizes that work best for applying heat transfers onto T-shirts, garments and other small items are: 14” x 16”, 15” x 15” and 16” x 20”. We recommend and use heat presses with 16” x 20” platens.

A commercial or professional grade manual, semi-automatic or air operated heat press machine is typically one with a 16” x 20” platen. A heat press machine with a 16” x 20” platen is often utilized by both small and large businesses and garment decorators for heat transfer application on T-shirts, other apparel, and ad specialty items.

At Art Brands, we list our America Made heat transfer presses by platen size. From our smallest cap press platen size: 2.75” x 5.25” to our large format platen sizes we are proud to represent three America Made heat transfer press manufacturers that build several sizes and types of heat press machines.

Would you like to learn more about our pricing? Please review our online pricing page here.

Where to Purchase Wholesale Heat Press Machines

When you are ready to purchase a heat press machine(s) you need to look no further than the leading custom, resort, and stock heat transfer manufacturer Art Brands. Our management team has over one hundred years of experience in the heat transfer industry, and we are committed to providing every customer with high quality heat transfers and heat presses. Art Brands should be your go-to-choice when it comes to purchasing a heat press machine or ordering custom, resort, and stock heat transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will want to consider what you need from your new heat press machine. Some important details to keep in mind:

  • Heat press style and platen size
  • Space requirements – Do you have adequate physical space for a heat press machine
  • Ease of Use – load-ability
  • Is the heat press programable – digital or analog
  • Temperature accuracy – heating element configuration, aluminum platen thickness
  • Electrical requirements
  • Digital or manual timer
  • Warranty coverage
  • Are replacements parts readily available
  • Customer service

The above are key points to consider when you are ready to purchase a heat press machine. Do your homework before pulling the trigger and make sure the press you choose is a good fit for your present and future business plans. What do you intend to decorate? A hobbyist may not have the space or need for a large format heat press machine while a home business or small shop using full size heat transfers will require one. Do you need more than one press? Be sure to also consider your potential need for a specialty heat press, such as a mug or combo press machine.

No! Although you with need to use a computer and graphic software to create your own designs and to run your business.

Yes! Why:

  • Heat transfer machines have digital timers – home irons do not
  • Temperature accuracy – it’s difficult to set the required transfer application temperature on a home iron without using a digital pyrometer with surface probe
  • Consistence pressure – it’s difficult to measure pressure with a home iron
  • Steam irons have a very small pressing area – they also have holes which effects pressure

An American Made heat press machine will provide you with accurate time, temperature and pressure readings and home iron will not.

Consider how much you intend on using your heat press and the types of products you’re wanting to decorate. A manual press may be right for you if you’re a hobbyist, home business, or small shop. A manual heat press machine will require you to manually close and open the heating platen. Semi-automatic and air operated heat press machines are more automated than manual machines and offer features that help streamline the heat transfer application process.