Chroma Direct To Film Heat Transfers

Custom DTF Heat Transfers (Hot Peel Film)

Art Brands is a leading manufacturer of custom direct to film (DTF), custom screen printed, and custom digitally/screen printed hybrid heat transfers. Our management, sales, art, and production teams have over one hundred years of combined heat transfer manufacturing experience. Art Brands also manufactures the world’s largest line of wholesale in stock and ready to print stock heat transfers. We are proud to offer a very robust catalog of designs that covers twenty-two different categories including America Pride, Biker, Country, Humor, Political, Pop Culture and Wildlife.

And while Art Brands hosts the world’s largest selection of stock heat transfer designs, we also understand that sometimes you are looking to print your artwork. That is one of the many reasons we offer custom DTF transfers wholesale in our arsenal of custom heat transfer products. Direct To Print transfers allow you to print full color personalized designs, photographs, names, numbers and more simply by uploading the art or design file of your choosing. Order Online or Call your Rep at(877) 755-4278
DTF Heat Transfers
Same great product, Fast turnarounds, Water based, Prints on most anything at low temperatures.
Direct-To-Film Gang Sheets
Same great product now available in gang sheets, Wholesale pricing, Fast turnarounds.
DTF Team Names & Number Heat Transfers
Easily create team player name & number transfers. No minimum quantity, Fast turnarounds, Water based.

When you order DTF transfers from Art Brands, orders placed by 2:00 pm EST will ship the next business day. Note: * Next business day shipping available for print ready art. Customer orders including 15+ different designs, even if separated into multiple orders, may result in additional business days before shipping. If this applies you will be contacted by a member of the Art Brands Team.

What is a Custom Chroma DTF Heat Transfer?

Art Brands custom DTF heat transfer printing process digitally prints your artwork onto a clear roll of hot peel or cold peel heat sensitive film using water base CMYK colors, an opaque white under base, once printed, an adhesive material is spread evenly over the image, then the image is cured in an IR dryer. Chroma hot peel DTF heat transfers are best applied with a commercial grade heat press, Chroma cold peel DTF heat transfers can be applied with a heat press or home iron. Art Brands highly detailed, full color DTF transfers can be used to decorate a variety of textile products, like T-shirts, Jackets tote bags, hoodies, hats and can be applied on a wide range fabrics and materials including denim, silk canvas, polyester blends, spandex, treated leather and most waterproofed fabrics.

Eight Benefits of Using Art Brands Chroma DTF Heat Transfer

  • A wide color gamut, including gradients and color blends
  • Full color DTF transfers are ideal for complex designs
  • Create unique full color custom artwork for any order
  • Cost effective
  • Great for small order quantities or one-off orders
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Versatility – prints on any fabric
  • Low temperature, single press application – no need to press twice

Key features of Custom Chroma DTF Heat Transfers

Art Brands custom Direct to Film (DTF) heat transfers will bring you artwork to life. We are proud to print the industry’s best, highest quality custom Chroma DTF transfers printed from your artwork and delivered to you on time, every time.

With Art Brands full color, DTF Heat Transfers you can expect:

  • Professional quality prints: All our custom digitally printed and screen-printed heat transfers are guaranteed, retail quality. To ensure quality every transfer order, large or small, is inspected by hand two times before it is carefully packaged and shipped to you.
  • Easy to apply: Art Brands custom heat transfers, no matter which type you choose are easy to apply on a wide range of apparel, fabrics, and Ad Specialty items with a professional or commercial heat press machine and by following the pressing instructions, enclosed with every custom heat transfer order.
  • Durable and long lasting: When applied properly, our full color Chroma Direct to Film (DTF) heat transfers are long lasting. Chroma transfers exceed industry washability standards for color fastness and durability.
You are always guaranteed the following in every Art Brands Chroma DTF order:
  • No color limitations, digital CMYK color pallet, crisp clean edge, no outlines needed
  • Super opaque, can be applied on all garment colors
  • See-through film for easy placement
  • Ready to press – No weeding is required
  • Provides a soft satin finish
  • Great stretch and rebound
  • Low application temperature
  • Color fast – exceeds industry durability standards, with proper care
  • Perfect for small and large quantity orders- there is no minimum quantity requirement

Chroma DTF Heat Transfers FAQ

DTF or Direct to Film is a specialized printing process that requires the use of CMYK water-based inks, adhesive and see-through heat sensitive pet film. The DTF printing process involves printing your artwork directly onto film then transferring the image onto a T-shirt, garment, fabric, or Ad specialty item.
We recommend using a professional or commercial grade heat press machine. It is important to follow the application instructions enclosed with your DTF transfer order to ensure the transfers are being applied correctly.

Washing Instructions for DTF heat transfers

  • First and utmost read the laundering instructions on the garment
  • The water temperature should be cold or cool
  • Wash the garment inside-out. Use mild detergents
  • Cleaning chemicals should not have direct contact with the transfer
  • Do not use bleach. Bleach not only affects the color of the garment but also affects the color of the transfer.
  • Do not use fabric softener. Fabric softener will break down the fibers in the garment and over time will degrade the ink causing it to fade, crack, or flake.
  • Air dry or dry on allow temperature setting inside-out.
Art brands DTF heat transfers can be used on aa number of different garments and fabrics including:
  • T-shirts – 100% cotton, 50/50, cotton/poly blends, Tri-blends
  • Athletic/performance apparel – 100% polyester, Poly blends, 50/50
  • Denim – jeans, dresses, jackets
  • Canvas, nylon, polypropylene bags
  • Trucker, baseball style hats
  • Silk, Spandex, leather
  1. Start by reading the application instructions that are included with you Chroma DTF heat transfer order
  2. Use the recommended settings found on the instruction sheet to setup your heat press.
  3. Place and pre-press the garment or fabric on the lower platen.
  4. Place the custom DTF transfer ink side down and in the correct location.
  5. Close the upper heating platen down on top of the DTF transfer and material.
  6. Open the upper platen and following the peeling instructions