Vector Files: Adobe® Illustrator®, .eps, .pdf
Raster Files: .tif, .jpg, .psd, .png, .pdf, .gif, .bmp.
Other Files: .doc, .txt, .ppt
Generally these file formats are not usable, but can be used as a template to create artwork.

A resolution of 300ppi OR dpi @ 100% size is preferred.

If your design has white in it, clearly denote this in another color or show the design on a colored background. Please use consistent colors in your files. For example, use one red to represent all of the red areas in your design.
PLEASE SEND YOUR ARTWORK AT THE SIZE YOU WOULD LIKE IT PRINTED. If this is not possible, you must indicate the exact size you would like your artwork changed to. Please note: enlarging a low resolution raster file can result in poor image quality.

Files will be evaluated to determine if they are print ready and may require additional art time and charges to correct issues, which may also delay your order.

For vector artwork, please convert all fonts to outlines (Illustrator®) before sending your file to us. For Photoshop® files, please rasterize/ render all layers that are type.
Once your text is converted, it can no longer be edited so you may want to save a copy to edit in the future.
Minimum thickness for all lines is 1 pt (or .014"). Any lines smaller than this may not print. All negative spaces (where shirt shows through) need to be a minimum thickness equivalent to 2 pts (or .028").
1pt. line weight
2pt. negative area
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