DTF and Digital-Hybrid Heat Transfers

Art Brands digitally printed custom heat transfers can be applied to almost any item – from T-shirts, hats, and other printable apparel as well as Ad specialty items. With our understanding of color and our years of hands-on know-how, we can offer high quality photo realistic custom digitally printed heat transfers that deliver brilliant color and detail when they are applied with a professional heat press at low application temperatures.

Chroma Transfers
Chroma Heat Transfers
Direct To Film (DTF)
NEW options including Gang Sheets, Next day shipping, Water based, Presses at low temperatures.
True Color
True Color
Hybrid Screen Print/Digital
Full Color Print
Brilliant color, Low minimums, No setup charges, Soft hand, Prints on most fabrics, Fast turnarounds.
PrimaTrans Custom Heat Transfers
Chroma Heat Transfers
Hybrid Screen Print/Digital
Full Color Print On Film
NEW! Printed on FILM!, Fast turnarounds, Low minimums, Soft hand, Prints on most fabrics.
PrimaTrans Puff On Film
PrimaTrans Puff On Film
Hybrid Screen Print/Digital
Full Color Puff On Film
NEW! PUFF Printed on FILM!, Fast turnarounds, Low minimums, Soft hand, Prints on most fabrics.
Custom Screen Printed Heat Transfers

Simply put, custom screen-printed heat press transfers are single or multi-color images of your custom heat transfer designs that are printed in reverse (mirror image) with plastisol heat transfer inks that are pushed through screen(s) one color at a time, onto special heat transfer release paper or heat transfer release film. Once printed, place the custom T-shirt transfer ink side down on a T-shirt or other item and apply with a professional heat transfer pressing machine.

Art Brands is the only heat transfer manufacturer that offers twelve different types of custom heat transfers wholesale that can be screen printed on five sheet sizes and two different substrates depending on your needs.

VisiTrans - Spot Color On Film
100% Screen Print On Film
VisiTrans spot color heat transfers are screen printed on premium see-through hot peel film! Super Easy to work with!!!
Spot Color - Athletic Formula
100% Screen Print
Print on all colors with a soft hand, great opacity and easy to print.
Spot Color - Neon
100% Screen Print
Spot Color Heat Transfers with super-bright eye-popping neon ink colors.
High Definition - Darks
100% Screen Print
Great for high detail, photographic, or digital imagery, on t-shirts, sweat shirts, cotton/poly blends, and more.
100% Screen Print
An incredibly soft design that takes on the color of the garment to give it a true vintage look and feel.
High Definition - Lights
100% Screen Print
Great for high detail, photographic, or digital imagery, on t-shirts, sweat shirts, cotton/poly blends, and more.
Spot Color - Metallic
100% Screen Print
Metallic inks add a touch of color and shine to any transfer design to create an eye-catching effect.
One Hit Foil
Retail Quality Screen Print
Perfect to add a metallic shine to any product!
100% Screen Print
In artificial light; subtle line art. In sunlight; explosive colors, high detail and a beautiful image.
Spot Color - Ultrasoft
100% Screen Print
Prints best on cotton and cotton blend products.
Spot Color - Glow In The Dark
100% Screen Print
Great for kids and Halloween!
Spot Color - Glitter
100% Screen Print
Add some sparkle to your garments! Prints on all colors.
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What is a heat transfer?

Compare different methods of decorating:

Heat Transfers:

Heat transfers are literally decorations (designs) Printed on paper and then heat applied to a t-shirt, a bag, etc.

Silk Screening:

This is the method of printing through screens (stencils) one color at a time, directly on to the product you are printing on.

DTG: Direct to Garment:

These digital machines have their place in the industry. They are great for sampling or printing one.

About Art Brands

Based in Blacklick, Ohio Art Brands LLC is a leading manufacturer of custom screen-printed heat transfers, custom digitally printed heat transfers, custom direct to film (DTF) heat transfers and is the world’s largest manufacturer of in stock and ready to ship screen printed heat transfer designs. Our dedicated management team has over 100 years of custom heat transfer manufacturing experience. Art Brands custom iron on heat transfers are used worldwide by T-shirt shops, home businesses, hobbyist, the fashion & apparel industry, athletic apparel companies, promotional product decorators, medical device manufacturers, uniform companies, garment decorators and more. Our impeccable management, art, production, sales, and customer service teams are the core reasons for our success, making us the best custom heat transfer printing company in the world.

Create Your Unique Style with Custom Heat Transfers from Art Brands


Art Brands encourages you to create your own custom heat transfer designs. Our team is here to help you transform your unique art style into ready to apply custom heat transfers. As an industry leading custom iron on heat transfer company, we are proud to manufacture your screen printed, DTF or hybrid custom transfer orders and deliver them on time, directly to you.

Guaranteed highest quality screen printed, direct to film, and hybrid custom heat transfer designs

Easy to apply – Art Brands custom heat transfers, no matter which type you choose, are easy to apply on a wide range of apparel, fabrics, and Ad specialty items with a professional heat press machine.

Using your custom heat transfer art is easy – whether you need a handful of transfers for a small event or thousands of transfers for wholesale order Art Brands has you covered. Just follow our art specifications, submit your order, and upload an acceptable art file.

Upload your artwork: Simply upload an acceptable art file format on our website com Acceptable file formats: Vector files: Adobe®, Illustrator®, .eps, .pdf Raster files: .tif, .jpeg, .psd, .png, .pdf, .gif, .bmp. Other file formats that are not usable but can be used as a template to create artwork. .doc, .txt, .ppt

Transfer Size: You will need to indicate the exact size(s) (W x H) for each transfer design you wish to print

Substrate (material) color and fabric content: you will need to indicate the apparel color(s) and the fabric content (example; 100% cotton, 50/50) you are heat pressing on.

Choose your quantity: Whether you need 1, 100, or thousands of custom heat transfers Art Brands has your back. We have the capacity to print hundreds of thousands of transfers per day. Many of our custom heat transfer types require no minimums or low minimum orders. For example, Chroma Teams and Chroma DTF custom heat transfers require no minimum orders.

Some of the Key Benefits of Using Custom Heat Transfers Include:


Inventory Control – No need to inventory blanks or pre-printed garments in hopes of future sales. Inventorying garments is not very costly. You can print on demand when you use custom heat transfers for shirts and other items from Art Brands.

You can heat press on almost anything – You can apply your Art Brands custom heat transfers on hats, hoodies, jackets, tote bags, t-shirts, advertising specialty items or any clothing that you can properly fit on your professional heat transfer machine

Low learning curve – Heat pressing with custom heat transfers for clothing and other items is a relatively simple process that can be mastered in a very short time.

Special equipment is required in all forms of garment printing. However, there is significantly less equipment needed for a custom heat press transfer business. For starters, all you need is a professional heat press machine from Art Brands.

Art Brands custom heat transfers are retail quality, guaranteeing their suitability for all our customers, no matter the brand, retailer, or consumer.

Order from the Best Custom Heat Transfer Company in the World!


Art Brands is here for you! Our goal is to make sure you receive top notch service, high quality custom heat transfers on time and on budget. Helping you grow your business is our number one priority. Art Brands custom heat transfers products have passed a rigid quality control program the utilizes up to date methods of testing and inspection. If you have any questions related to our custom heat transfer products, please reach out to our team by contacting us.