Covid-19 Message

March 23, 2020

The Governor of Ohio is closing all businesses at 11:59PM EST tonight. We are still taking stock orders, and will be shipping until the end of business on Monday, March 23rd. We may be able to ship after the 23rd, but that is not guaranteed.
We will reopen according to the Governor on April 6th, 2020.

Dear friends,

The Governor of Ohio has just announced that all non-essential businesses will be closing Monday March 23 at 11:59pm. This closure will last at least until April 6th. Art Brands will be open Monday, March 23rd and we will be both taking orders for stock transfers and shipping.

If you place your order Monday, March 23rd prior to 2 o’clock we will do our utmost to ship Monday. Any customs that are in process will hopefully be finished tomorrow, and shipped.

I have been in this business since 1983 and this is the first time that anything has happened like this. Even during 9/11 we remained open to service our accounts.

This is a difficult time for all of us but it is prudent for the Governor and our Government to take these actions now.

We are still living in a miracle age where we can communicate worldwide instantly, have food delivered to our homes, and marvel at the medical breakthroughs that we see every day.

We are also witnesses America at its best. Our Judaeo Christian values have enabled us to be at our best when our backs are up against the wall.

Have faith, our medical system, private sector along with Government cooperation will help us all get through this together.

After all when all is said and done.


I wish you all good luck, health and happiness. We will prevail.


Larry Levine


Art Brands




March 16, 2020

Dear friend,

I am the founder of Art Brands, and I wanted to take the time to discuss recent events.

I have been in the heat transfer industry for over 30 years, and I can tell you that even though there will be difficult times ahead for our country, our industry always has and will still fare well.

We are selling an inexpensive gift or promotional item, and it makes people feel good. People don’t need our products; they WANT them.

I have lived through recessions, near depressions, terror attacks, and other stressful times. I can tell you from personal experience that we will all get through this, and those customers who stay aggressive, work hard will not only survive, but they will THRIVE. Art Brands is positioned perfectly to keep many businesses running with our just in time heat transfers. We are centrally located here in Columbus (Blacklick), Ohio; our quality is unsurpassed and most important, we CARE about our customers.

With that said, I wish you all good luck, and we will work together to grow our businesses, have fun and, most importantly, make money.

Our new catalog for stock transfer customers has now mailed. I know you will enjoy it.

Thank you as always for your support.


Larry Levine


Art Brands




March 17, 2020

Dear Customer,

I have been in this crazy business now since the early 1980s. Our industry traditionally has survived and even thrived during these times. This is the time to get aggressive and to position yourselves for the inevitable boom that will happen when we get through this crisis. With that said Artbrands is offering an incredible special to stock up on new and old designs.

Please call your rep at 877-755-4278 or 614-755-4278 Ext. 2, or write us back at
This is worth the call believe me.

Thank you once again.

We are all in this together.
This is a great opportunity to really improve your business in the long run.

Larry Levine


Art Brands





Q: Are we open?
A: Yes. You will have to pry the heat presses from my cold dead hands. 🙂

Q: Do you have enough supplies to complete my order?
A: We have been extremely proactive since this crisis started in Wuhan, China. We have plenty of ink, paper, and everything else to run the business without adding anything else for six months.

Q: What precautions have you taken at Art Brands?
A: Over a month ago, we had a company meeting to discuss the upcoming crisis. We adopted new procedures for hygiene, purchased supplies ahead of time, and counseled everyone here to wash their hands. I am incredibly proud of our companies internal and external response to Covid-19.

Our showroom is still open even though we are practicing social distancing so, please don’t expect any of our traditional handshakes or, in some cases, hugs.

Stay safe everyone.