About Us

Art Brands


Art Brands’ management staff has over 20 years experience in the Heat Transfer industry.


Art Brands has a stable of the best artists in the country. You will see the same artwork licensed on a number of products from a number of companies. Our core business is built around nature, country, animals and women’s fashion decoration. Our business is directed toward the specialty retailer or garment converter. Our unique products and processes make us a world leader in garment decorating.


We prepare our art for print very carefully. Our heat applied graphics pass rigorous wash, wear and quality tests. If there is ever a quality issue, it’s rare, but like all manufactured products mistakes happen, we will replace the graphic immediately.


Art Brands prides itself on its innovative products. We have developed many processes that emulate or surpass their counterparts in direct print. Our graphics leap off the shirt with vibrancy of color and excellence of detail. Our heat applied graphics give you an advantage over those with whom you compete with. We believe that you will make a greater return on your investment by investing in Art Brands applied graphics.

We Want Your Business

In short, we want your business. For those who have been our customers we thank you and cherish you. We will continue to do all within our power to continue to deserve your loyalty. For those who have not been a customer, we welcome you to our family.
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