A Message From The Founder

Dear friend,

I am the founder of Art brands, and I wanted to take the time to discuss recent events. I have been in the heat transfer industry for over 30 years, and I can tell you that even though there will be difficult times ahead for our country, our industry always has and will still fare well. We are selling an inexpensive gift or promotional item, and it makes people feel good. People don’t need our products; they WANT them. I have lived through recessions, near depressions, terror attacks, and other stressful times. I can tell you from personal experience that we will all get through this, and those customers who stay aggressive, work hard will not only survive, but they will THRIVE. Artbrands is positioned perfectly to keep many businesses running with our just in time heat transfers. We are centrally located here in Columbus ( Blacklick ), Ohio; our quality is unsurpassed and most important, we CARE about our customers.

With that said, I wish you all good luck, and we will work together to grow our businesses, have fun and, most importantly, make money. Our new catalog for stock transfer customers has now mailed. I know you will enjoy it.

Thank you as always for your support.


Larry Levine



16 thoughts on “A Message From The Founder

  1. I have been buying from you and teletrend for many years. I have made a lot of money from your company. Thank you for being here for us.

  2. wow positive words when needed too ? truly my new BEST FRIEND you rock larry (i dident know there where any jewish people west of chicago but i meet rusty & now you ,i stand corrected & amazed ,you both rock,give rusty a raise hes the best communicator ive ever meet on e bay and trys really,really hard (ive been doing air brushed garments for over 35 years & just got into transfers to offer my patrons a little cheaper option & its getting bigger then my coustom shop!! again kudos to you .thomas cirillo a loyal friend & money maker.

  3. Hello,
    here, in Czech Republic we do have also bad sittuation. All events, sport, fairs, exhibitions, school are closed. I lost some thousand dollars as in the spring were three great fairs. Closed. From today, Saturday from 6.00AM our goverment close all shops (ex. with food, medical care, newspapers). And because we are land of beer, and ALL restaurants and pubs are also closed, we can se, that situation is really, really bad.
    But: We will make Czechia great again.

    Josef Volfik

    • so sorry to hear that things are difficult. We are all concerned here but we will pull through this . Take care and thank you for your support.

  4. Ciao ciao Larry,
    We have known each other and worked together for 25 years.
    When we met, I told you that I was looking for a business relationship destined to last over time and be reliable with frienship..
    This happened also because two guys like us met.
    In my life I have had to face difficulties of many types and perhaps it is also a common thing, but I would not have thought of experiencing what we are experiencing these days here in Italy.
    Often in Italy we are at the top, specialists, in things that are not going well and then recover by demonstrating admirable strength and work capacity.
    This is what is happening with this virus time.
    In Italy the situation for our kind of work was very difficult before the virus and who knows how it will be after when, of course, I hope to be still here at work relying on a supplier and a friend like you.
    As you know, always without garlic and coffee!!
    In the hope to see you again soon, I recommend you and all my friends there to take care.
    Best wishes

  5. I just started ordering from Art Brands around January/February. Working with your staff is a pleasure..is everything always right..no, but they will get it done the right way and I believe they truley care. I will continue to order from Art Brands and we as a nation as you said..will get though this.

    Ken Livingston

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