How To Make Money Selling Political Heat Transfers


How to make money selling political heat transfers for t-shirts, bags, and hoodies.

Political Heat Transfers

I have been in the heat transfer industry for dozens of years. I can tell you that Artbrands has predicted every political Presidential election since we started selling heat transfers.

We take an apolitical approach to this. Yes, we have our own opinions, but we have taken the position that we will always have For against each candidate.  If you see more designs for a particular candidate that is pro, it is because they are selling better.

Where do I sell these Larry?

A. Many of our customers go to the rallies and set up tents, carts, etc. They set up outside of the venue to sell, depending on each location’s rules.

Our designs are all created in house, and we hold copyrights on them.

We recommend selling our heat transfers for t-shirts on eBay, Amazon,, Etsy, and any format that has traffic to purchase from you. I also highly recommend that you sell both for and against. The exceptions will be if you have a webpage or a concept that is going after a specific niche of customers. For example, if you have a Pro second amendment site, you would not sell Bernie shirts on there, but one cannot assume anything.

When you post, you need to make sure that you are using tags for SEO (Search engine optimization) like Trump Tshirts, Political t-shirts, Democrat, Republican, etc.

Our Country is very divided now, which means that people will want to express themselves. T-shirts and printed merchandise is a perfect way for people to accomplish that. Remember, however, that some people will complain about some artwork, especially if they hate a particular candidate. Your best answer is that we live in a country where we value free speech.

There is nothing racist or objectionable (I would not get into a political argument with anyone you won’t change their minds, and you are in BUSINESS. Tell them that you carry both sides for that very reason.

These are suggestions, but I can tell you that they work. You will make money and perform a service in getting everybody excited about expressing their opinions in our ” noisy” Democracy. Thank you for reading this.


Larry Levine

President, Art Brands

If you have design ideas, please email us, and if we use them, you will get the first two dozen for FREE.

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